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What were your wedding day skin and beauty goals?

I wanted to feel like the best version of myself with glowing, luminous skin and healthy, shiny hair. I wear very little makeup on a daily basis apart from O Cosmedics tinted SPF and wanted to prep my skin as best I could for minimal makeup on my wedding day.

For me, it is really important to take a holistic approach to skin and hair health, so I also focused on supporting my digestive system, hormone balance and detoxification with the help of a naturopath.

Taking special care of myself, inside and out, helped me to remain worry-free in the lead up to my wedding day.

When did you begin your wedding prep skin and body care rituals?

We were excited to get married quite soon after we became engaged, which meant I didn’t have a lot of time on my side. I started boosting my treatment regime three months before my wedding date.

Ideally, I recommend that brides start focusing on skin preparation for their wedding around six months prior  – the longer the better, but this is a great time to create a plan together and book everything in up until your wedding day (so it’s one less thing to organise). Starting earlier ensures we have more time to deeply cleanse the skin, condition for any new products and address any underlying hormonal or nutritional issues with a specialist to reach personal skin health goals.  

I think a wedding is a great opportunity to be a little indulgent, as well as implement new habits that will benefit your skin health in the long-term.

Your wedding was in winter, how would you recommend clients prepare their skin for a winter wedding versus summer nuptials?

Winter elements can be very tough on the skin with wind, indoor heating and hot showers all causing dryness.

Incorporating an oil and extra hydration barrier is critical in the colder months for everyone, but especially if you’re preparing for a special event. Because you are spending less time in the sun and using less SPF, it’s a wonderful time to use active ingredients like vitamin A and fruit enzyme peels. Overnight moisture masks are also effective to keep skin deeply hydrated.

Your insider tips and tricks for luminous skin on your big day…

  • Sheet masks

  • Hydration - simple but so important

  • Reduce or remove sugar from your diet; this will give your skin a revitalised glow, support hormone function and reduce the risk of breakouts

  • Maintain your routine; I can’t stress this enough to my clients – a daily regimen with time spent cleansing properly and caring for your skin will deliver great results over time

Your favourite products to boost the effects of your Tribe treatments?

Anything you’d change?

Absolutely nothing - I loved it! I’d do it all again if I could!



When we got engaged I scheduled monthly facials to ensure I had time set aside to care for myself amongst running my business and planning a wedding. I made a concerted effort to be more diligent taking my Super Elixir and Glow by The Beauty Chef supplements to keep my microbiome in good shape. I started to slowly condition my skin to vitamin A and got to my reformer pilates class 2-3 times each week.


Vitamin A was one of my hero products in the lead up to my wedding day; it encourages healthy skin cell production and stimulates fibroblasts – cells that encourage tissue development to keep skin firm and healthy, as well as helping to strengthen the barrier that protects you against potential irritants affecting the surface of the skin. I used vitamin A most evenings as part of my skincare routine and started monthly vitamin A peels.

I increased the frequency of LED light treatments to one per week to brighten the skin, increase hydration and stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, plus fortnightly enzyme peels to smooth and tone.   

I use my hands all day so I focused on restoring my nails to optimal health with fortnightly manicures and monthly pedicures. Tribe’s Japanese nail polishing technique uses natural beeswax and pearl minerals so they were back to full health and ready for polish on the day.  


In the month leading up I wanted to reduce any possible sources of stress, so I would feel excited rather than overwhelmed. I started using Eat Fit Food, cut out coffee and substituted with green tea. My naturopath, Ema Taylor made some calming herbs for me to drink in the fortnight before my wedding day to settle my stomach and nerves.

With the luxury of LED light treatments at my disposal, I increased to two or three times per week, as well as a weekly enzyme peel and masks once or twice a week.


I took a week away from Tribe to spend time with my family and friends which was a beautiful and relaxing way to lead up to the celebration.

For final touches I booked a manicure and pedicure as well as the signature Tribe Eyes. I also had one last LED light treatment the day before the wedding to ensure my skin was vibrant.


We had a change of plans at the last minute due to weather so I spent the morning indoors, drinking tea and eating deliciously nourishing food from Huxton's with my mum and best friend. To prepare my skin I cleansed, used my Sodashi Enzyme Exfoliant for a gentle exfoliation and applied an Orgaid sheet mask. I didn’t want to over-stimulate my skin so I kept things simple.

Hair stylist: Adele Smyth, Peache Rose Hair
Makeup artist: Samantha Powell
Fragrance: Portrait of a lady
Photographer: Will Hartl

Nicole Stubbs