As our Tribe grows, we are meeting more mamas-to-be looking for natural and toxin-free skincare products and treatments while they are pregnant and postpartum. And while some are lucky enough to have ‘that pregnancy glow’, others experience unexpected changes to their skin and nail health that they need help with. Many women are also looking for a tranquil sanctuary to find a slither of peace in their day, and to have someone care for and nourish them.

Our ethos when it comes to pregnancy care is to avoid putting anything on your body that you wouldn’t put on your baby. At Tribe, we believe a natural, toxin-free approach to self-care during this time is so important; here’s our tips to reducing your chemical load while pregnant.

When pregnant, we know there is a rollercoaster of hormonal changes which can be quite a shock for some women who are used to luminous, clear skin. What are the challenges you see pregnant women face with their skin health?

  • Pigmentation of the skin

  • Brittle nails

  • Breakouts and blemishes

  • Perioral dermatitis and eczema

  • Sensitive skin

Pregnancy is a time when women become incredibly conscious of what they put in their body, why do you recommend shifting to natural, toxin-free products (if not already using them)?

I recommend everyone transition to a toxin-free skin health regime however this is especially important for my pregnant clients. We believe that what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in. Women take great care of their body during pregnancy in terms of diet however it can be easy to forget about what your skin is absorbing on a daily basis.

There are a multitude of ingredients in commercial beauty and skincare products that can potentially disrupt our endocrine system impacting hormonal balance - when pregnant it’s important to let your hormones do their thing with as little interruption as possible. These ingredients can also add load to your liver in its work to detoxify the body and you want to ensure your systems are functioning optimally to create a safe haven for your baby to develop.

What are the most important ingredients to avoid?

Vitamin A and any active ingredients, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, silicones.

Let’s talk about nails. Traditional nail bars can be a toxic environment that many women choose to avoid. How can we take care of our nails during pregnancy?

Look for salons that focus on toxin-free nail treatments and that are clean with good ventilation. You may pay more than you would at your local bar but it’s worth it for peace of mind knowing you aren’t inhaling or absorbing products that may not be beneficial for you and your baby.

At Tribe we recommend our Japanese beeswax and pearl mineral manicure and pedicure for pregnant clients. It’s a polish-free reviving treatment to maintain optimal nail health and leave you with a long-lasting natural shine.

Treating cuticles with The Balm by Nucifera is also an easy way to care for your nails at home.

Favourite products to use during pregnancy?

  1. Sodashi Body Oils

  2. The Balm by Nucifera

  3. Bodha Incense and Essential Oils (a soothing replacement for scented candles)

  4. Sodashi Brightening Marine Mineral Mask

  5. Orgaid Vitamin C Sheet Masks

  6. Sodashi Enzyme Exfoliant

  7. Feel Good Inc. SPF50+ Coconut Sunscreen Lotion

Your recommended treatments for safe pregnancy self-care and nourishment?

Tribe Manicure and Pedicure

This is especially wonderful for women in the later stages of their pregnancy, particularly when it becomes harder to reach your toes! You’ll be pampered while lying on our uber-comfortable and supportive bed so your whole body can relax.  

Our signature nail treatment includes file, shape and buff, aromatherapy soak, and cuticle trim followed by a renewing hand and arm massage. Finished with a nail polishing technique using natural beeswax and pearl mineral for a long-lasting, natural shine.

Natural Radiance Facial

This facial features a beautiful blend of unique natural and organic products, focusing on holistic facial massage techniques to revive the complexion. It’s especially beneficial for pregnant women who may be experiencing dry, dehydrated skin, or those who are postpartum with skin feeling drained from fatigue, as it works to restore glow to the skin.

Do you have any recommendations for at-home treatments to restore any depletion in the skin after birth?

  • Have The Balm by Nucifera on hand. It’s a great, easy all-rounder to be used on the face, belly, lips, cuticles. Anywhere, really.

  • Any mask is wonderful for tired and stressed skin. We recommend the Sodashi Brightening Marine Mineral Mask, or any mask that can be applied for a long time, like the O Cosmedics overnight sleep mask.

  • A soothing eye cream.

  • Increase the amount of water you are drinking, have cold pressed juices to bump up your veg intake and try a herbal Nursing Tea like this blend by Mayde.

Any other advice for new mums?

Most of all, I hope creating a less toxic lifestyle during pregnancy will create new awareness of what we put in and on our bodies and enduring self-care habits and rituals to carry on as families grow.

Nicole Stubbs