Calming Rose Face Mist

Calming Rose Face Mist


Soothing extracts from damask rose petals are blended with healing vitamin E in this delicate, refreshing mist that works as a gorgeous post-cleansing toner. Use a restoring spritz as a hydrating pick-me-up throughout the day, over or under makeup or whenever you need. It feels incredible, and leaves skin glowing and plumped.
Calming and cooling it can also be used to soothe skin after exposure to wind or sun.

Key Benefits
Refreshes, hydrates, soothes and cools.
Can also be used if the skin has had too much sun or wind to cool and calm.
Balances pH.
Gently tones the skin.
Prepares the skin for the application of moisturiser.

How To Use
After cleansing and exfoliating, close eyes and mist over entire face, neck and décolletage.
(Be sure to shake the bottle before use.)
Follow with a Sodashi Skin Boost and moisturiser.
Sodashi Face Mists are perfect to use throughout the day to refresh and moisturise without affecting makeup. Perfect for a 3pm pick me up!

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